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Sunset Elite Pool Services operates on two core pillars; one of which is the cleanliness and maintenance of your pool & spa, a balanced chemical system, and a pool that is free of debris. Our second service pillar is timely professionalism and consistency. Our technicians meet all appointments on time with discreet in-and-out service. 

We offer a variety of services to meet your needs as well as chemical delivery for those who prefer to do their own cleaning. 


We know that what sets us apart is high level service and everything that encompasses.


At Sunset Elite Pool Services, we are the Pinnacle of Pools!

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Full-Service Weekly Cleaning


Once a week, a tech arrives at your pool to perform a thorough, high end, full service. This includes everything that is needed including; complete vacuuming, chemical testing, precise chemical balancing, backwashing, skimming debris, cleaning skimmer baskets and pump baskets, and full service thorough scrubbing of the pool and spa. All equipment needed to clean your pool is kept off site. An overall check is performed for the functionality of the pumps. If a serious problem such as a motor out, or a broken pipe is found, you will always be notified right away. 

Green Clean


This is a very popular pool cleaning service for clients who have a green pool and need professional help. A Green Clean requires frequent back to back cleanings, chemicals, and service. We at Sunset Elite Pools specialize in Green Cleans and no job is too tough!

Chemical Delivery Services


We are happy to provide you with the best pool cleaning service in Pinellas, Pasco and beyond. However, if you take care of your pool yourself we can still help. We deliver commercial quality chemicals to your door for less than you will pay at big box stores or pool supply stores. These are the same chemicals the pros use. 

Serving ALL of Pinellas County and surrounding areas.

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Be sure to always keep your pool's water level at a little over half the Skimmer line. An over filled pool will not function properly for circulation. An underfilled pool can cause damage to your pump equipment. 

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The Pool Rx pool unit contains a proprietary blend of minerals that continuously and effec
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